Accounting Career Interview


Nov 26, 2013
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In my accounting class we have to do a project where we interview a real accountant. I was wondering if anyone on here could answer some of my questions below. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

1. What is your career?

2. What do you actually DO on a day to day basis? (what are some of your responsibilities?)

3. Where do you work? Is there a long commute? Where would you need to live to work in this field. (urban or suburb? Anywhere?)

4. How did you end up in this career field? Was it something you planned for or were interested in?

5. What kind of schooling and training do you have? (did you go to college, get an apprenticeship, tech school, or the military? Was there a lot of on the job training?)

6. What do you enjoy about your career?

7. What don't you enjoy about your career?

8. Would you recommend others pursue this career path?

9. Is this a growing industry?

10. How long is your average workday?


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