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Greetings all -

I'm considering an online school to get a Master's in Accounting. This would
be a career change and would have to be online because of my location. I'm
interested in the forensic/audit aspect, so I've looked at Florida Atlantic's
program. I'm also interested in the Keller graduate program in accounting.
I've got a liberal arts Master's, and 2 years of a JD, so completing the
coursework doesn't concern me. I've also taken two basic accounting classes so
I could make sure it interests me, and it does.
Do either of the two programs mentioned raise any concerns? Online programs in
general ?
The Florida Atlantic program seems to be very Forensic specific, while the
Keller program seems to give a very solid foundation in fundamental accounting.
I'm afraid the depth of the Florida Atlantic program would be at the sacrifice
of some breadth of core accouting.

Anybody from Santa Rosa, CA or north looking for a midlife accounting rookie
with too much education ?

Thanks for any help or insight you can provide.




Jan in Florida

You would do better to try and get a CPA and CFE if you are looking for a
career change. Most firms look for recruits with a prospectus for the CPA.
The MAcc is just a little bonus selling point. You need to check the
stringent guidelines for CA about what courses you need to have to sit for
the CPA. Chances are you are looking at more schooling than you think.


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