Accounting for gold under IFRS


Aftab Khan

Dear all

Someone has asked me this question and I thought I should post it
here. What is the treatment for accounting of gold under IFRS?

If a company owns gold (for whatever reason) - would this be
classified within cash? If not, then does it fall under IAS 39? What
category? And does it require fair valuation then?

Any tips, suggestions would be helpful. Please quote any specific
standards. It has been posted on
so please post your answers on the site as well if you can.


Aftab Khan


Jul 23, 2010
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have a look at IAS 39 IG Section B/ B.1

it should be treated as commodity not cash.

Also the treatment of the gold depends whether the company holds the gold for own use or not. If its for own use then it is treated as per IAS2 otherwise IAS 2 para 3 applies (most of the times) and company should hold it at FV less costs to sell.
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