accounting software best practice


Cydrome Leader

I'm working on a project that has to have accounting-like features. It
will generate statements and record payments and charges against each

It will store all information in a database.

Is there a preferred way to store a charge or a credit? The easy way is
charges are simply a + dollar value applied to the account, and a payment
is a negative amount. A sum of all charges/payments is the customer

Another possibility is charges are payments are stored with no + or -
value but with a flag indicating what has happened, and another way that
would resemble more of a ledger book woud be to store charges and payments
in separate fields. It was also suggested that a computed value of the
customer balance be externall calculated and reinserted into a field in
the database to allow for error checking, in the case a row or transaction
is somehow lost or deleted.

What are some methods used for doing this?


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