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Mike Curry

We are currently looking for customers that would use our accounting
software, it is very customizable.

If your interested in a custom solution for your business, please contact
us. We want to get a few comanies using our software in order to create
some case studies, and then continue from there to market our software to
other companies.

MJC Software Inc.
Mike Curry, President




Mike Curry said:
We are currently looking for customers that would use our accounting
software, it is very customizable.

If your interested in a custom solution for your business, please contact
us. We want to get a few comanies using our software in order to create
some case studies, and then continue from there to market our software to
other companies.
What is your software title? Is it for both Windows & Mac OS? Is it best
for small, medium or large businesses? Do you have a website detailing its
standard functions and those that are customizable?

Mike Curry

Its called MJC Software Solutions. It can run on Windows or Mac (via thin
client or java). It is designed for any size business. We designed the
software using ProvideX (The same language used in MAS90 & MAS200).

We have not completed the webpage about our software, but you can get more
information at


Amy Gray

The main problem I have with some accounting software is
it becomes immediately obvious once you start using it that
was written by someone who has never done accouting,
so they should never be in a posittion to be designing

Unfortunately you don't find this out until after you've
sunk megabucks into buying the software.


Judge (?) Amy,

I agree with you 100%. In addition to the lack of understanding, most
accounting software is written to accommodate the convenience of the
programmer, ignoring the needs of the user, GAAP, ease of use, etc.
The Payroll module might be written by someone in Bangalore, India
while the Inventory is written in Bangor, Maine, the General Ledger is
written in Burbank, California, and it is all "integrated" by a
programmer in Boise, Idaho. What a joke! The result is "the software
that Jack built." That's what you are complaining about and you are
right. Read on.

As an MBA and the controller of an international food company, I
implemented the accounting software from JD Edwards. It was a
nightmare. After months of 60-70 hour weeks, I was nearly burned out,
but the software was finally ready to go. A friend observed my status
and asked me to join him for lunch with someone he wanted me to meet.
His acquaintance was the absentee owner of an accounting software
company. I evaluated that software thoroughly and immediately bought
the company. The package was vastly easier to run than anything I had
ever seen and it was very affordable, both were refreshingly different.
The first problem was that it was in DOS. The second was that the
company was small. Of course, its size is what made the purchase
affordable. The other issue was just a business challenge.

The first thing I did was implement the project of designing a "windows"
version. All of the data entry screens were designed to meet the needs
of the person doing the data entry. In fact, we took our best, most
experienced, most complimented trainer and taught him how to be a
programmer. It was a unique strategy. His insights accomplished a
number of our goals. First, the screens he created were so intuitive
that one of our users complained that "a child could do this." (She was
concerned that her staff would no longer need her technical expertise to
run the accounting software.) Second, the data entry screens had a
common format so that if you were familiar with how to enter an A/P
invoice, it was not much different to enter an A/R invoice, or a G/L
journal entry or a time sheet for that matter. When you were formatting
a report in G/L, it used the same (very simple) processes as Payroll, or
A/R, or A/P, or Job Costing, etc. The "look and feel" of the software
was something an average user would applaud. In fact, that has been one
of the features that has attracted our growing number of resellers.

Because many of our clients are CPAs, we received constant feedback
during the project on how to tweak the software to meet their unique
demands. Of course, not everyone wants everything the exact same way,
but we accommodated them in every way possible. How did we do? One of
our new clients moved off MAS 90 to the Job Costing version of our
software. He cut his staff by half. He just didn't need as many people
any more. Another client reported at our user conference last week that
they paid $3,500 for their audit this year. Last year, on their old
software, it was $18,000. I forgot to mention earlier that we built
into the software what we consider "bullet proof" audit trails and a
number of reports designed exclusively for auditors. One of them is for
a different kind of auditor, Workers Comp auditors, the troublesome
auditors that seem to come at exactly the wrong time. One of those
Workers Comp auditors observed that they were finished in a fraction of
the time they normally spend at a company and they didn't cut any
corners. Our customer called to thank us, passing the auditor's
comments along.

By the way, our design is not finished and probably never will be. The
windows software was rewritten incorporating two decades of power and
functionality and has subject to continual improvement over the past six
years. Most software companies put out a single update once a year.
When that happens the user is faced with the intimidating task of
learning all of the new features and processes in that update. As a
result, much of them are never used. We do things a little
differently. We put out at least three updates every year. Each comes
with documentation that explains EACH enhancement, what it does, and
where it is. Our users love it. Each update has features that users
can use. For instance, our last update included the option to print
W-2s on plain paper. This option was only recently approved by the
IRS. We can do it already. In addition, we added a totally new built
in Contact Manager. It's not a simple enhancement, it's a whole new
process. It's now built in now, at no extra cost to our users. At the
request of CPAs, our next update will have a random number generator for
selecting A/P invoices, A/R invoices, employees, checks, etc., etc.,
etc. We respond to the requests of our clientele. It seems that every
time we add something, more suggestions are triggered. We respond by
adding them and more follow. It's a never ending cycle of improvement.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention "bugs." In the last eight updates, maybe
more, there were no reported bugs when our updates were shipped. I
won't go so far as to say our software is bug-free, no software is, but
if a bug is found between updates, it is fixed ASAP and can be
downloaded from the Internet immediately. In fact, your software can be
set to automatically check for updates and ask for permission to
download them.

So, what I hope you are seeing is that not all accounting software
companies are equal. We are not all oblivious to what accounting is.

The last issue you mentioned was finding out how bad the software was
only after you've laid out megabucks. We are just as different there as
we were with our design. When a prospective customer calls us, we don't
send out a fast-talking salesman to flash though the software and dazzle
or high pressure you. We mail you a full running version of the
software for you to try, at your convenience, with no pressure. We
include a sample company for you to play with. If you want you can set
your own company up and run it for a while. In fact, we include
instructions to do just that and we include a "getting started wizard"
to make it fast and easy. The CD include over 40 sessions of multimedia
training to assist you in getting your own company up and running, also
at no charge. Who else offers you everything in advance? When a
customer asks for a money back guarantee, we go one better. We say,
"Here is the software. Use it until you decide to buy it. If you don't
decide to buy it, you have never laid out a penny. That's better than
getting your money back." Of course, the software will eventually lock
up if the customer doesn't buy it, so we can be very generous in
providing the time to thoroughly test it before you buy it.

You sound like a professional, but the reality is that most of the
people doing the books for small business are bookkeepers, at best. We
know that from experience. One of the training sessions we provide is
called Bean Counting 101, a crash course in accounting. It is a brief
course in accounting, to introduce novices to the terminology and
processes of accounting. One of our CPA friends complimented this
course saying, "My clients don't have the money and I don't have the
time to teach them accounting. Your course is exactly what they need.
Thanks." At first, he was a little worried that the title was a
reflection on accountants being bean counters, but we know better. Good
accountants are worth their weight in gold.

Well, that's a lengthy response to your concerns. They are quite
legitimate. We are the exception. If you want a Free Trial copy of our
software, call us toll free at (800) 365-6790 and ask. It will probably
be mailed the same day. That is our policy. By the way, when you call,
pay attention to how the phone is answered. We refuse to use voice
mail. We provide old-fashioned personal service. A warm body answers
the phone. It's a rule here.



Amy Gray

IMHO too much software for acounting is written by someone who
wouldn't know a discount if it fell out the window and hit them in the
head. Here is a radical thought: if you're going to design
accounting software try working a while doing receiveables/payables
first. Know what a credit memo is when you trip over one.



Amy Gray

Translation: this clown wrote one of those progams that never should
have made it to market.
"They told me i could be on next season."
----------------------------Homer Simpson
----------------------------on Jay Leno
----------------------------referreing to Friends


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