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Nov 26, 2017
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I am currently pursuing my masters degree for which I have to write a thesis. Before doing that, I first have to pick a topic. I can pick anything, as long as it is academically relevant and related to accounting.

Now, I have done the same thing in my Bachelors degree, which did not go very smoothly. The topic I picked turned out to be too difficult because it was basically a replication of a research paper in a different setting. I want to avoid that this time.

I was wondering if there are topics / journals / types of research etc. that I absolutely need to avoid. I am not allowed to do any research based on survey data, that is for sure. Topics I am interested in include:
- Auditing in general
- The psychology and behavior of people and the effects of it on auditing procedures
- Gender differences in accounting related work roles
- Tax avoidance
- Data analytics (perhaps an application) in auditing (automated auditing?)

To be clear, I am not asking anyone to pick a topic for me. I just want to know what to avoid, and perhaps would like to receive some tips in picking a topic.

Thanks in advance.


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