Accounting Vs. Financial Planning

Discussion in 'Accounting' started by Michael Wei, May 28, 2004.

  1. Michael Wei

    Michael Wei Guest

    Hello everybody, I am currently in a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Business
    program. I have a choice of Accounting or financial planning ? Which
    direction should I go in terms of finding a job ?


    Accounting Or Financial Planning Man
    Michael Wei, May 28, 2004
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  2. Michael Wei

    Preston Guest

    I take it these are electives in your Applied Business degree? In my
    opinion, if you are working on a business degree such as this, you
    should have an understanding of basic accounting. Accounting after
    all is the language of business. I would select accounting because it
    is useful in more areas of business than financial planning.

    Preston Singleton
    Preston, May 28, 2004
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  3. Michael Wei

    Wayne Brasch Guest

    That depends strictly on you. Good money can be made in both fields. Look
    further into both of them in terms of what courses you may need. Probably
    you will find that the courses will be very similar. With an accounting
    background there are so many things that a person can choose to do.
    Accounting will be necessary for both of these if you really want to do a
    good for clients.

    Wayne Brasch, CPA, M. S. Taxation
    Wayne Brasch, May 28, 2004
  4. Michael Wei

    Bryan Ekberg Guest

    I've had jobs doing both since college. Put it this way doing accounting
    your guaranteed to get paid everyweek. If you like working on commission
    that's what financial planning is all about. My problem was that I was
    never motivated enough to work for free until I got going on financial
    planning, plus it seems you got to have a more salesperson mentality for
    financial planning, and I don't have that. Put it this way I know people
    who are fairly rich doing either one. I have an accounting degree and have
    had no problem getting financial planning jobs, so what I would do, is get
    your degree in accounting, and get a job as an accountant, and if you still
    think you wanna try financial planning do it part time while working as an
    accountant to see how much you like it and what the better income of the two
    is. I'm not saying all financial planning is strictly commission.. The two
    places I worked for were and I hate strict commission. I made some money
    doing it but got out of it when the next accounting job came by.
    Bryan Ekberg, Jun 3, 2004
  5. Michael Wei

    wilianswilim Guest

    Both are best as it depends on the interest also. To choose the career as the certified financial Planner is also important as it has lot of value in today's time.
    wilianswilim, Feb 27, 2013
  6. Michael Wei


    Jun 29, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Glasgow, UK
    I will go with Accounting. Someone with Accounting background can always pick up any financial planning skill that might be required to switch. Also, like preston suggested, accounting is the language of business, since you measure in business, learn to speak the language of business
    chinweike, Feb 27, 2013
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