Acct. Software smaller than Sql Ledger, bigger than Bamboo Invoice?


Terry Carmen

I'm searching for accounting software appropriate for a small consulting=20
business (mine, oddly enough).

While quickbooks is nice, the closed application source, proprietary=20
database format and general inaccessibility and inability to make=20
modifications knocks it out the running.

I'm currently using SQL Ledger, which is OK, but has a user interface=20
that's more or less right out of the 1970's and isn't friendly enough (UI=
or database) to want to keep permanently.

BambooInvoice is much friendlier, however it's not nearly capable enough=20
(no chart of accounts, services or significant reporting).

I'm looking for GPL software with a web interface, and would prefer=20
nearly any language except Perl.=20

Does anybody have any recommendations?




Mar 9, 2010
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My suggestion:

find atleast 3 businesses like yours and ask them. there are many software somparison sites out there but they are typically nothing more than software brokers.

check out the topic : How to choose accounting software for Big Businesses. it's a basic breakdown of steps to take to do exactly what you are doing.
if this is not helpful enough please let me know.

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