Accuracy of online fund price updates


Esa K

I am using MS Money (v11.0) to track prices of several investment funds. My
issue is that regardless of the settings for number of decimals in the "last
price" column, the downloaded prices are only accurate to the closest penny.
Can I change this so that I would get prices accurate to e.g. 1/100th of a

For some funds that have unit prices below one pound, this issue means that
the price will only change in MS Money if the price change is greater than
1%, and in some cases needs to be greater than 5% before a price change is
visible in MS Money!

On Morningstar (which I believe provides the feed for MSN) you get prices
accurate to 1/100 of a penny. For example, see the link for Fidelity
Moneybuilder UK fund:

I am hoping that this is an issue with settings in MS Money rather than a
"feature" of MSN.

Thanks in advance.



Glyn Simpson, MVP

MS Money gets its prices from the MSN Money, and so that is the first place
to check. If the prices which are being displayed in MSN Money are only
accurate to the nearest penny, then MS Money will only have that.

If Morningstar is lists correct prices, then that would indicate an issue
with the MSN Money system, should that be displaying nearest-penny prices,
and it'll be worth reporting (

If MSN Money is correct, and MS Money shows rounded prices, then you may
need to increase the number of decimal places shown for prices (see

Glyn Simpson, Microsoft MVP - Money

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