Achiving Previous Years Invoices



I have been a Money Small Business faithful since the beginning. Each year I
keep hoping that someone will think to make the business portion just a
little more robust. I'm self employed and prefer the ease of use of an
all-in-one application. I still like using the program. What will keep me
attached is the ability to archive invoices or to close out books for a
fiscal year. I know that this function is part of the new Office Accounting
system and I've been using that as well, but that's just the point. Being a
very small business of one why should I NEED to have two separate accounting
programs for my books? The other minor annoyance, and I've mentioned it
plenty (so have a lot of other folks)... the flaky invoice designer. If it's
not going to function just take the darn thing out and use Word invoice
templates instead.

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I have a related problem. I recently archived old checking accounts from 3
years ago that have long since closed and now all the invoices that were paid
during that time period are now showing as unpaid! My A/R balance went from
$4,000 to $46,000!

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