Acronis back up software fails on 'Money'



I've just learnt the hard way that the back up software Acronis True Image
2009 (and I assume the previous versions I migrated from) does not faithfully
back up what Acronis describe as 'dynamic data.' Such data is included in
things like 'Money', I learn!

I last did a full image back up in mid December and relied on 'differential'
back ups from then. In early Feb a power surge wiped my hard disk and a
turned to my external HD and Acronis True Image 2009 for a full sytem
restore. It did this, all except for the data in Microsoft Money from the
date of my last full image onwards! I shall have to try and reconstruct two
month's data!

Acronis True Image has its limitations.

I guess it's best (as prompted by Money!) to back up to diskette on a
regular basis or to use the built in MS back up software on your PC (or other
OS back up software) to an external hard drive (which I know from experience
will faithfully record data of this sort).

Any comments, similar experience, hints or solutions would be great.

I have XP Pro (SP3), Acronis True Image 2009 and store back ups on an
external hard drive.



Cal Learner

Any comments, similar experience, hints or solutions would be great.
See if you have an image of a later *.mbf (Money Backup File) file
in your Acronis backup. Do you have a *.mbf backup on other media,
such as a USB flash drive?


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