ACT! Professional


Peter Saxton

I've recently swapped my contacts and tasks records over from Outlook
to ACT! Professional. I used to use ACT! (ordinary) but it had
deficiencies and I have also been coming up with deficiencies in
Outlook - why no ability to sort tasks?

I've bought Digita accounts production, company secretarial and
various tax products and I'm waiting with interest their planned
"Practice Management" software as I presently use Excel for time
recording and invoicing.

In ACT! Professional I'd been entering tasks with start dates as when
it was possible to start work on a task (or the current date if I
could start now) and the end date as the deadline. This would enable
me to set priorities. I was amazed to find that when I changed the
start date the end date would automatically change (randomly it would
appear!). I phoned their technical support and they didnt seem to know
about it but they could reproduce the problem. It would appear that
software houses don't use or test their products and don't remember
problems when customers call!

I decided to set up three new fields for "Task", "Period Ended" and
"Deadline". This should overcome the previous problem I had regarding
tasks and dates. I would actually have a Contact for each task
(involving duplication) which is not perfect but would be acceptable
until Digita come up with something. I followed the manual and help
file on how to set up new fields but NOTHING happened. I have "ACT!
2005 for Dummies" and this was the same as the help file. ACT! 2005 is
the same as ACT! Professional. - similar to Intuit sometimes referring
to QuickBooks as a one or two digit version and sometimes a year
version! Can't software companies give a product ONE name? I decided
to take out technical support as it was important to get this sorted
quickly. Technical Support told me that the reason why the procedures
in the help file didnt work was because they have changed the program
functionality but not the help file! I can see that any organisation
in this country that employs more than maybe ten people must lose any
ability to function sensibly!

At least Hull City may be automatically promoted on Saturday!


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