On my second station Too much Active x problem I have reinstall software
several time. Any idea



Glenn Adams [MVP - Retail Mgmt]

what kind of activeX problems, or where do you run into the issue? if
the RMS applications won't start because of a missing OCX, it is likely
that your anti-virus program is (incorrectly) marking the ocx as spyware
- configure your av to ignore the file, or switch to a reputable brand.

If you can start the app, but get active X errors on certain functions,
it may be due to install/uninstall of other software on the system, or
it may be one of several known issues such as havinga label printer as
the default printer of having no default printer at all. Provide more
details about the issue you are experiencing.

Glenn Adams
Tiber Creek Consulting
(e-mail address removed)

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