Add to your website the Middle-East language,spoken by over than 350 million!!

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ALQAFELLH Ltd. Translation & IT sevices

With Alqafellh you could now add to your website the Middle-East
language,spoken by over than 350 million inhabitants,that prefer to
browse your website into their own language, to be in a good situation
to conclude its contents and make use of them.
we can carry out four steps on behalf of you, and on your order, that
bring your website eligible to exchange informations with the Middle-East

1-Capturing your entire website contents,including the
statements,graphics,PDF files,.....etc.
2-Translating these contents completely by translation specialists ,who
could pick up the most convenient and comprehensive expressions.

3-Rebuilding the translated enclosures by website design
technicians with the same layout conserved.

4-uploading the website on your webserver.

We are,also,prepared to conduct an advertising plan that puts your
translated website onto the Arabic search engines,groups,and forums

Yours sincerely
Yaser Phooly

Alqafellh Ltd.
Translation & IT services
2 El Dobat buliding, Moustafa Kamel
Alexandria, Egypt

Tel. +20 3 5233753/4
Fax. +20 3 5455209
(e-mail address removed)


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