Advice for a potential graduate accounting program

Apr 10, 2010
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So I have about 5 years of work experience in the advertising industry and I'm ready for a change. I graduated from a state university in Florida (with a 3.56 GPA in Communications & Marketing) and I am thinking about going back to school for a graduate accounting degree.

I HAVE to work full time because there's bills and living expenses that need to be paid. I'm currently living in a small town with a top university but their master's in accounting is a full time, day only program. I have considered doing a weekend MBA (but the weekend program has no emphasis in accounting) and personally if I do an MBA, I would like to attend a top 10 school later on in my career.

Anyway, I have been searching extensively online for a Master's in Accounting program that's delivered online. I only have 2 introductory accounting classes (from undergrad) and most programs seem to require a minimum of 24-30 undergrad credits in accounting. Does anyone know of any programs that are worth the expense AND delivered online without the need of a ton of undergrad accounting courses?

It seems like Keller School of Management has the degree without having to take a bunch of prerequistes but I have a few concerns...The cost is one thing (but most of the state schools once the prereqs are done come out to about the same), also reputation, and job opportunities are all legitmate concerns.

If ANYBODY out there has an objective viewpoint as to what's the best option, please explain. I would like to know what are the pros and cons in reference to my concerns from people IN the industry as to what's the best option. Thanks...


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