Age 70 Minimum IRA Withdrawl Question




Have turned 70-1/2 now (sure does catch up with you fast), and guess I have
to worry about the "Minimum Withdrawls" from my IRA type accounts.

I have basically two items; a Traditional IRA at a local savings bank, and
several "Plans" with
TIAA/CREF from when I was working at an educational institution.
I guess these are 403b type plans.

Have been getting contradictory information from TIAA/CREF.


After I fugure up the amounts I have to withdraw from each, can I take All
the required total amount
from, e.g., the bank IRA, or do I have to withdraw from each separately, as
one is a bank IRA
and the other is the 403 b ?

Thank you very much; really appreciate the help.



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