Alternatives to "Do it yourself" payroll



I am a C-corportaion which usually just has me as an employee. I've
had employees in the past - but have downsized a bit so it's really
just me now.

The ever increasing "do it yourself" payroll option is getting rather
expensive for just one person. And I've found little incentive to
continually update QB with new versions. I never need any of the "new"
features offered.

Question is, how hard is it to use a lower cost product like Medlin for
use in Quickbooks? Would you create a paycheck as usual, and just
enter the numbers calculated off Medlin? I only write 1 paycheck per
month - so I'm not terribly worried about extra steps.

2nd, does QB save this data you entered manually? It wouldn't surprise
me if they made such manual entry as inconvenient as possible.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.







Check with your bank they could send you in the right direction. for
a payroll company and quite reasonable

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