Am I a dual-status alien?


Dave S

Using IRS Publication 519, I'm trying to figure out whether
I'm a dual-status or a resident alien. I am a single British
citizen with no dependents who moved from the UK to the US
on January 22nd, 2003; I hold a H-1B visa. I was therefore
present in the US for more than 183 days during 2003, but
was not present at all in 2002. Reading Publication 519 has
led me to belive that I'm a dual-status alien for 2003 and
therefore will have to file Forms 1040 and 1040NR, and will
not be able to claim a standard deduction. I have no
itemized deductions, so this is important. However, a closer
look at the "Illustration of Dual-Status Return" in Chaper 6
of Publication 519 has made me unsure about whether I am a
dual-status alien. Their example, Sam R. Brown, was only
present for 182 days but is preparing a dual-status return.
Something tells me that I may have missed something,
somewhere along the line. Any help, or suggestions for
further reading or reserach would be very welcome!


Dave S.

P.S. Why is there no Publication 519 for use in preparing
2003 returns?


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