American Express



Does anybody know of any plans that American Express has for downloading
data (any format) into Money 2004 ?

Also what is Microsofts / UK Banks position on more integration between the
product and all banks (Real time connection) - similar to the it seems to
work in the USA.




Bob Peel, MVP

The UK Banks don't see any pressing need or customer demand to offer any
more integration than you currently see.

They are all busily developing their own on line Internet banking and have
no interest in spending their limited IT budgets on developing Money

At best you will get the ability to download data.

The following gives a list of who does what at the moment.

Today Nationwide announced that they have switched on their M2004 support.


OK Thanks.

The first part of my question related to American Express' plans for an OFX
download - are you aware of anything in the pipeline ?

Glyn Simpson, MVP

Unfortunately we don't know what plans banks have for downloads. FWIW, I
would like to see OFX downloads of Amex too/.




Response from American Express when asked the question:

Thank you for your feedback.

At this time, you are unable to download your statements to Microsoft Money,
however, we have passed your comments on to the relevant team who are
looking into the benefits of your recommendation.

We greatly value your opinion as we are continually looking at ways to
improve our services.

In the meantime, we hope you will continue to enjoy the benefits of our
online services.

Thank you for contacting us via email.


UK Customer Services

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