Amnesty 2005 Calif FTB - with refund?



My relatives always filed married jointly. One in the
couple, who did taxes, became mentally disabled. 2001 was
never filed or filed as such a mess that IRS correspondence
lists a non filing penalty. (We're filing 2001 with a Form
843 to reduce penalties, and hopefully 843 is the correct
for m).

The second half of couple is now more-or-less handling
financial, bills, etc. We (relatives) are doing catchup on

FTB (California Franchise Tax Board) has 'Amnesty" program.
Applicant needs to send paperwork by Mar 31 (Apr 1) 2005.
Payment can be delayed, installments, whatever.

Here's the question.
2001 540 results is a refund. Although the state expects to
pull in money from this Amnesty, I believe our filing must
receive Amnesty's promised waiver of penalties *and* the
refund. Has anyone read anything that might differ?

Thank you

(posting to both groups since they seem to differ.)


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