An audit of green taxation in the UK



An audit of environmental taxation has found that that the UK produces
£11.7 billion of CO2, measured as a social cost. Yet, the total net
burden of green taxes was £21.9 billion.

Green taxes exceed the social cost by £10.2 billion (about £400 per

There are even grounds for thinking that the Stern report was simply a
front by the Treasury to obtain more monies by deception. The Stern
report estimates CO2 in ways inconsistent with other estimates, without
necessarily making good other estimates' weaknesses.

The cost of green tax is often subject to VAT, thus consumer face
double-taxation (on regressive taxes) without [more green] substitutes
readily available. This causes a disproportionately high burden on poor
people and creates no incentive to change for all people.

Other countries have not sabotaged their economies with unnecessary
"green" taxation. The British producer will face taxes that a Chinese
producer won't. To survive, a British producer will have to migrate to
China, but in doing so will lose all access to resources that would help
to reduce CO2 emissions. Thus, UK "green" taxes will cause an increase
in CO2 emissions worldwide.

The report is "The Case Against Further Green Taxes" (Taylor & Sinclair).

The report is 33 pages long and contains many more facts/figures than is
possible to put into this posting, including an evaluation of the
European Emissions Trading Scheme, with the key losers being industry in
the north of England and, nationally, the NHS!

The state is ripping us off, both in cash and in opportunity cost. What
are you going to do about it?



A supporter of, fighting to stop the
government ripping off the taxpayer.

Tax cuts v public services? No! Tax cuts *for* better public services.


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