Announcing the release of Anti-Steganography (AntiSteg v1.00)



Announcing the release of Anti-Steganography (AntiSteg v1.00): AntiSteg 1.00: Anti-Steganography

AntiSteg is a command line tool for cleaning images of potentially
steganographical content. Many popular image formats (especially those
on the Web) are handled by the tool.

Steganography is a means by which information is hidden inside of
(often via high-encryption algorithms), making them completely
invisible to
all standard image viewers. Stegged images can carry extremely harmful
which include, but are not limited to:

Child pornography
Viruses, Trojans, Spyware, Spamware, and other Malware
Sensitive personal/corporate Data

AntiSteg does not attempt to extract the actual hidden data, but
simply antistegs
the content, making it impossible to be retrieved at a later point in
This approach allows it to quickly clean a computer, even if 100,000s
of images
are stored on it. In contrast, trying to desteg just one image which
uses a high
encryption encoding (256 bit or higher), and a properly selected
password is
computationally nearly infeasible.

Since the amount of images stored on the Web approaches staggering
(anywhere from 100s of billions to trillions), the possibility to
store and trade/sell child pornography, distribute viruses, or
exchange sensitive
information is very high. Even worse, anybody who operates a web site
or corporate) that contains images, may unwittingly be helping
black-hat hackers, or data spies in their operations. Of course, the
same holds
true for any e-mail attachment, or MMS being sent!

Currently available antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware tools do
NOT address
this problem!
Companies that allow image specific searches - like Google - do
NOTHING to prevent
stegged images from being spread via their services!

Special requirements: None.

Freeware. Uploaded by the author.

Security Online Services

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Brian G \(Upstairs\)

Hold the front page, this is a need missed by the commercial software



I hope I grow on you....
I'm a Fungi!!!

No pictures, or you deserve a spanking
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This is cross platform, right? Using an OS like Linux or OSX doesn't
protect at all if you download a picture and it happens to have
something embedded in it. So with this software, it could conceivably
scan all the images on your hard drive for imbedded data so you can
delete anything that has been compromised. This would be great for
those traveling in and out of the US. If you mistakenly download a
graphic with an image, and its on your hard drive in your computer that
you're traveling with, you're responsible for it. Scary stuff.

Why in the world is this being posted to bondage and Cambodia
newsgroups? Shouldn't it be in some security or privacy newsgroup?

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