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Discussion in 'Accounting' started by Olaf, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Olaf

    Olaf Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I've been reading up on all career advice topics and finally got the nerve
    to post my own question.

    I've got a BSc in Engineering degree (98) and 5 years sales experience
    (selling Industrial Electronics and Financial Software). I do want to move
    on Accounting, as I got some exposure to it when selling Financial packages.
    CMA designation right now looks very good toi me, as I see the eight months
    accelerated program, put out by CMA Ontario, as a fastest route to get into
    accounting. I've got all my prerequisites now - can start the program in
    January. I've got one problem now. Although I have entry-level Financial and
    Cost Acct courses, I cannot find anything entry-level, even for $11 an hour
    (I haven't tried volonteering yet). Are there any suggestions out there for
    the engineering boy who took the crooked path? What the heck do I put on my
    resume? Is there a chance for me to find employment once I pass the CMA
    exams? Should I perhaps take a slower route, getting a University
    Certificate in Accounting, available through Athabasca and then going at my

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
    Olaf, Aug 26, 2003
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  2. Olaf

    s.phillips Guest

    With my wide variety of experience I believe I could be a great asset for a
    small to medium sized business in an administration/management roll that
    uses or is changing to MYOB (Premier and Accounting). I can run and
    maintain accounts, inventory, payroll, sales, purchasing, logistics,
    computers, internet and other office duties. I am a firm believer in a hands
    on approach to get all aspects of the job done.

    If you have a customer in need my skills or can help me secure a suitable
    position I would look forward to your reply.
    s.phillips, Aug 27, 2003
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  3. Try some of the temporary placement firms. Accountemps, Accounting Advantage
    and the like. You can get a number of temp placements that way, and gain
    experience in a variety of work environments.

    Stephanie Serba, AICIA
    Partner, Durham Business Outsource
    Accounting & Technology

    Stephanie Serba, Aug 27, 2003
  4. Olaf

    TAM Guest

    I was in the same boat - unemployed webmaster for 13 months. I also attended
    CMA and CGA info sessions. Asked many people at CMA questions about
    difference between CMA and CGA, job market for CMA, etc. I was told by CMA's
    that the job market for CMA's is not very good right now. That' why I have
    decided to start CGA. I feel CGA's have more openings than CMA's. Both the
    programs are great but when it comes to finding a job, I got a feel that CGA
    is more scope. I also was very impressed about CMA when I first attended the
    info session. But after I applied my Just think about CMA. CMA is basically
    nothing but a mix of accounting and management skills. How many jobs are out
    there that need people who want to know what to do with money, where and how
    to spend. Quite a few.

    TAM, Aug 28, 2003
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