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If I don't connect to the internet and such, is Money
2005 ok to use ?




If you don't download statements or connect to the internet with it for any
reason, the reports seem to indicate it works fine.

Dick Watson

It depends entirely on what you want to do with it. At the least, Money gets
stock quotes, exchange rates, and its own updates (such as they are) over
the web. That's about as light as you can get.

Joe Guidera

Most of the features/functionality seems to work reasonably well if you're
not using/connected via the online features. Though that being the case I
don't see anything significant enough in this version that would make me
want to jump off of the 04 version. I was particularly interested in the
"improved" connectivity 05 offered with more banks and brokerages.



Paul Slater

You have to be connected to the Internet for the Help to work. No Internet -
no help. Unfortunately, even when you do get to the Help it's absolute
bloody rubbish.

Even if you can live without the help the program is just a big advert for
being online and being on MSN particularly. I switched to Money 2005 because
I could no longer bear Quicken's (intentional) inablilty to print colour
reports or Intuit's general attitude to Personal customers. Money seems OK
so far if you can live with the constant "online this" and "online that" but
that's only after a few days looking at it. I'm still not totally convinced.

<sigh> if only there was a decent Windoze based personal finance package out
there </sigh>

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