Any news from the Sync front?


Steffen Urban

Hi everybody.

Did somebody have any success in getting the Bill Pay and
sync function to work? As for me, I was with Support on
chat for hours and also submitted some issues, they don't
even know what's going on. It didn't even look like they
are aware of the problem. Thay repeatedly told me that
this is way it is.

I hope we will get this thing done pretty soon.






I was able to "sync" if you can call it that. All it did was create a
bunch of duplicate accounts. When I try to use the merge account feature it
doesn't show me a list that makes any sense.

Anyone have the sharing feature working yet?

Jeff M

I've been dealing with this problem for a very long time now (I was a beta

It does not appear that they have fixed the sync problem to date. I'm not
even convinced that anyone is working on a solution.

There are two workarounds that I have found but they have conditions.

1. It is possible to get Billpay to work from within Money 2005. The trick
is to start from Money 2004 with Billpay already working. Disable MSN
synchronization within Money 2004 if it is enabled. Upgrade the file to
2005 and Billpay should still be enabled within Money 2005. This is how I
am currently operating. I cannot get MSN sync to work, however, with this

2. It is possible to get MSN synchronization to work. The only solution
that seems to work is to start with a new .net passport and then
synchronize. If you do this, you can't use your existing Billpay through
Money on the old Passport if you had one. Signing up for a new Billpay on
the new .net passport works but when you enable it to work in Money 2005, a
new checking account is created in your Money file. The only thing you can
do to merge your existing checking account with the Billpay enabled account
is to cut and past all of your transactions from the old account to the new.
(In my case I had 4000 transactions and wasn't about to cut and paste one by
one). (An improvement Money should make in the future is to allow group cut
and paste. Quicken does allow that.)

As an aside, for all the anguish that we're having with this version of
Money, I broke down and got Quicken 2005 up and running over the weekend.
For all the problems Money has, it still has the better overall interface
and ease of use for everyday transactions.



It's just a lot of work to have to go through all this. It's confusing and
I need to pay some bills. They could at least tell us what's going on or
compensate us (if it's their fault).

Steffen Urban

Yes, exactly. I already uninstalled M 2004 (or bettr M05 did this). I think
I just use the MSN website for payments. I hope they will figure it out.

Pierre Aterianus

Well the msn bill pay group must have pulled the plug and gone home since
now after submitting a payment from Money 2005 I get messages from both
Money and the web site that the payment is there yet lists as not submitted
in Money and it appears nowhere on my pending payments list on the web site.
Attempting to contact msn bill pay online leads to messages of technical
difficulties and dead links.
Pierre Aterianus



Justin Thyme


I discovered that my msn billpay did not work. I was getting returned
checks, (with sizable return fees from the vendors), The problem was that
Money (it appears) during upgrade added one extra zero to my bank account
number and my bank of course sent them back to bill-pay say no account like
that existed. It was when MSN said my account was closed that I discovered
the error. The fellow I talked to said he would change it , but no go, the
next round of checks the same thing more fees, more phone calls, more work.
This along with sync problems, passport problems, support problems,
duplicated accounts, wrong account balances, duplicated vendors and payees.

Game over.. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars.

Finally I decided that a bank is a bank and a software compay is a software
company. And should we really mix the two?

I setup m05 to work with my banks bill pay (wells fargo). It worked eaisly
and right away, no fuss no mus, updates my accounts, and matches my
transactions. Good.

When I have a question about payments now I call "My Bank". There you talk
with one person "Your banker" who then check's into things and helps you
out. You don't need to hang on the phone for hours, talk to people who know
nothing about you or your situation, trying to decide if it's passport
problem, is it MSN, is it Money 2005, is it the old file, is it the new
file, file this trouble ticket, file that one, call check free, contact MSN,
contact support, on and on and on.... ad nausium...

Same with American Express, no problems

The only problme I have now is no more Pocket PC, no more updates Expiran
(have to go to the web site),

So, why did they stop with the free bill pay? more then likely it's a big
pain in the a$$
What happened with the rest, who knows. After considerable effort, I finally
got everything to work again,
They hosed.

I just hope they get the Pocket PC back in order soon, I liked that part.
Experian and the rest I guess we will have to wait.

I will not be upgrading once a year from now on. So I hope all these things
are fixed by Money 2007.



Joe Guidera

Looks like many of the Yodlee based services are down at the moment.

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