Anyone any idea whether MS have plans to include a business version in their 2005 UK release?



After reading the US site about MS Money 2004 Business edition - it looks
like just what I am looking for as a new sole trader - any ideas if there
are plans to re introduce to the UK with the 2005 release or should I buy
the US version with all the hassle of transferring my data. (Ive tried the
US Money free trial (excluding the business element) and differences seem in
the main cosmetic but the main hassle is the requirement to export all my
data bit by bit).




Glyn Simpson, MVP

I've not yet seen a published product line up for the UK anywhere, so can
only speculate. My speculation would be that there won't be one, but I could
be surprised.

Neil Pike

W - what about Quickbooks? I use that for my business and Money for my
personal stuff.

Neil Pike MVP/MCSE. Protech Computing Ltd
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Hi W,

Or you could use TASBooks 1 for your business and stay with MS Money for
your personal stuff.
TAS 1 was about £80 on Amazon when I got mine.

Good luck,


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