Anyone from MS here?



With a product with so many problems (and I encountered
my share when installing MNY 2005 with 2003 on the
computer), are there any Microsoft employees who work on
the Money team/product assisting their customers?
Will there be a Service Pack soon?
When I installed Money 2005, there was an update. But the
program is still buggy. I had stuff happening (like
CRASHES) that never happened on Money 2003.

It appears to me that Microsoft decided to launch this
program without it having enough quality in order to hit
the market in time for the fiscal year (which is not that
far from now).

All in all, I like the new UI. But that's about it... I'm
somewhat disappointed both with the bugs and the lack of
support from Microsoft in these newsgroups helping people




Joe Smith

If there were any Microsoft Employees on this newgroup then it wouldn't be a
free newsgroup.


They won't show their face here. But you know they peak. I mean if you
wrote this code, would you?



Jinsong Liu

As a software developer, I will have to agree with you. ^-^

But I think the problem isn't just money 2005. All of the software on
the market are buggy, aren't they? The root of the problem is that we
are too nice to those software companies, not just Microsoft, I am
talking about every software company. think about what will we do if
our car stop running on the road every few days, our TV stop working
while we are watching super bowl or the new house we just bought need
to be rebuild just three months after we move in? We will definitely
not let the car maker; TV maker and the home builder get away without
taking any responsibility. But what we did when the software we bought
are not working correctly, affect other applications, decrease
productivity or even costing damages to our data and such? We try to
fix problem, find work around all by ourselves. I have been using
Microsoft software for more then 10 years, I don't even know if
Microsoft has a technical support phone or not (I know they do, I just
don't know, and never called since I know it isn't going to help). But
I have called my cable company, my utility company, my home builder,
my .... All the software companies are taking advantage of us. They
know their software is buggy when they release it, and they know all
we will do is waiting for next release (of course, the next release
will come with even more bugs) and keep waiting while providing money
for them to make other buggy software. The solution for this problem
is obvious, we are consumer, and we have our right to refuse those
buggy products, we have right to return the product we bought which
are not working as it should, and should start to hold them
responsible for the mistake they made. Software companies are not
going to improve their product for us unless we start to do what we
did to other type businesses.

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