Anyone having problems with zero balances that won't go away?


Reddus Harius

I'm starting to have bills that are paid and have zero amounts due, but the
bills stay in the Pay Bills sections and never go away. Now it's happening on
the customers module as well. I will receive payments from customers, and the
Invoice shows up the next time with zero balance due for that invoice, but
the line item just does not go away. Anyone else having this problem? And
what do we do about it? I'm just running MOAP 2008 on the Virtual SQL locally
on my PC. I do have other users on other PC's setup.

For the customer side, open the payment screen, and choose the customer, then
click the apply credit column next to the 0 invoice.

i will look at the vender side to see if it has something like that
Thanks, but if you try to apply a 0.00 credit you get an error msg saying the
payment needs to either have an amount greater than zero or must use
credits, discounts, or write-offs.

Also, you cannot apply a credit on the credits screen unless you actually
select a credit to use, but since the balance is already zero, the system
will not allow you actually use any credits....

Am I doing something wrong?

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