anyone here taken the microsoft ecourse?



How does it work? Do you just log in and listen/take notes?
Do you get any books or materials or is it all online?
Do you have to sit through an entire lesson?
Can you go over a lesson two or three times?
Thanks in advance.



Jeremy Janisch

The eCourses are quite straight forward, once launching they run as a
flash-style tutorial to which you can skip backwards and forwards between
different lessons, at the end of each topic there are simple questions to
complete to move on, then towards the end there is an actual 'pop quiz' to
which you need a 70% pass rate to continue.

All the material is online, though I made my own notes while watching it.
You dont need to watch an entire lesson as you can skip between sections, and
review certian parts you are unsure on. You can also re-launch the eCourse as
many times as you want - and complete the pop quiz as many times as you like
while the eCourse is valid (I think its 2 months from payment)

If you have any other questions let me know, Hope this helps!

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