Anyone here use TradeMax to prepare your schedule D ?

Feb 3, 2010
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It's tax season again. Maybe you are looking for the tax software to make your life easier and save your time.
TradeMax ®2010, a full featured tax software specifically designed for active investors or traders who have multiple accounts to manage their trade data, maximize their gain/loss strategy, prepare their Schedule D or Mark to Market form 4797 .
TradeMax 2010 facilitate the user to import trade data from all kinds of formats files, handle an unlimited number of trading accounts can be combined for tax purpose, accurately calculate capital gains & losses and wash sale across the individual or combined accounts and make necessary adjustment for next tax year. prepare and generate various reports in minutes, not days which can be exported to popular tax software such as TaxCut®, TurboTax®, users can analyze your trading performance, manage investments and portfolios easily by ten or more generated reports. In addition, users can track investments easily by updating prices and retrieving transactions from the internet with the push of a button.


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