Anyone interested in a Java API to link to QODBC for QuickBooks?




I work for a small software company creating web based software for the
moving industry ( As one of my projects, I have
been tasked to create an accounts integration to Quickbooks (so
financial information can be moved out of our software for accountancy

Our software is written in Java (J2EE) and I have decided after a fair
bit of searching to write a few Java classes to interface with the
QODBC (ODBC driver for QuickBooks).

After a bit of thought it hit me that if I extended it into a full
blown and easy to use API encompassing the whole database layout, there
may be a market out there for it.

Could anyone tell me if this would be the case, and if so tell me
(honestly!) roughly how much you think it should cost.


Jun 26, 2010
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Java to quickbooks API

There's a couple already out there.
In my opinion, this one is the best:
That Java to Quickbooks connector is pretty versatile. It even comes with a full Java API wrapper for all QuickBooks Objects.

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