USA Anyone working with Abacus Accounting Software?

May 22, 2018
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United States
I'm looking for anyone who is familiar with the legal software, Abacus. Their IT department can't help me and their "professional services" charges $97/hour and you have to buy time in blocks. My question seems annoyingly simple!

1 Partner so super small business. We currently manually input the credit card transactions, but there are about 10 a month so no big deal. Our credit card company, Chase, let's us use accumulated "points" earned to pay towards any balance due. This results in a payment-like transaction, but we did not pay this amount. Seems straightforward right? I cannot figure out how to input this transaction! I tried a negative payment and the system then inputs 2 transactions: 1 negative and 1 positive, therefore netting out. I don't have any idea why it does this. If we returned an item and were issued a refund, it would be the same issue. How do we input these transactions in Abacus to hit the credit card only?


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