API for Microsoft Dynamics POS



Hi there,

What we need?:

An API for "Microsoft Dynamics Point Of Sale" application for 2 way
communication between our Bespoke Application and the POS


We are currently in the process of architecting an enterprise solution
for our clients. As a part of this solution we will need our system to
integrate with various other external systems including some POS
(Point Of Sale) applications. This effort needs to start off with one
of our vendors, to whom we need to suggest a POS product which will
fit their needs. We came to know about "Microsoft Dynamics Point Of

We need...

An API (Application Programming Interface) - either in the form of
directly consumable libraries (preferably in .NET or COM/COM+), or
through some standard interface like a Web Service. I earlier thought
that the eConnect libraries will be sufficient but later found out
that they are only for GP (Great Plains).

V. V. Important:
We are also looking out for a facility of plugging-in some custom
actions into MS POS which will run in response to certain
transactional events. E.g. when a cashier on a counter of a
departmental store enters the details of items bought by a customer,
using the POS application, the application should be able to trigger
an action to perform a custom activity like calling a specific Web

We will appreciate if you could respond to us on this as soon as

Atul Kale
Solution Architect


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