Appeal Against Child Tax Credits



Has anybody appealled their award, what was the outcome? I gave the IR
a provisional figure for unearned income and stated that I could not
give them a figure for taxable benefit as the DWP have refused to give
me a figure. I have now given the IR the final figure for unearned
income and confirmed that I was still unable to give them a figure for
taxable benefit received.
I am therefore appealling the final award because it does not take
into account all the income I received in 2003/04 and as they had
overpaid me and were now recovering overpayment, that this was unfair
as I have already paid part of the overpayment to the DWP.
To sum up I received JSA for about 6 weeks in 2003 and retospectively
received an increase in CTC. The DWP later made me repay the CTC as
overpayment of JSA despite telling them that the CTC's were being
overpaid and would have to be repaid to the IR. I believe that the P45
thet the DWP gave me in incorrect because I had to repay a substantial
part of the JSA.This is why I can't give a figure for the taxable
bensfit to the IR.
I can't seem to get the DWP or the IR to get to grips with this and my
Labour MP refuses to rectify the matter. Apart from appealling to the
IR over the assessment what can I do? I fully expect the IR to stick 2
fingers up and recover full payment but what about the assessment of
benefit received. If the DWP refuse to tell me what am I expected to


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