appeals process



As a disabled person and a freelance writer I am currently researching
an article regarding the appeals procedure from the standpoint of
disabled peole and would appreciate any and all points of view on this
matter. I.e. as a disabled person could this procedure be made less
obtrusive and less humiliating, could the appeals procedures be
improved, could the time span taken from application to actual appeal
be reduced dramatically, do you think the appeals service is fair and
acts justifiably in all cases?
If people have veiw points they would like expressed through this
article I would be greatful if they could email me with their written
permission to use their points within the article, all points raised
within the article will be done on an anonymous basis unless the
person otherwise states allowing their name to be used, general
information like age area they are from and disability would prove
useful to enable me to provide points of view from people with varying
I am disabled myself and can offer my own view point but would rather
express it alongside others who are in the same position as myself and
don't have a way to get their views heard.
Thankyou for your time and patience.


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