Feb 12, 2012
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hi i really love the way the site helps everyone....... except me hahaha.....
i have posted a few threads and have not received any response
is there something wrong with my account on the site or is it that people don't want to assist...?

please can you guys look into the matter or at least assist me urgently....
yours thankfully



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Aug 26, 2011
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I am sorry to see that you are disappointed with the response - this is a growing forum and so if no-one has responded it might mean that no-one here knows the answer to your query. Sunday morning is also not the best time for a fast response...

I see that your queries are all asking for the answers to exam questions - you may as well say "I want you to give me the answer so I don't have to try and work this out". If you have a go at the questions yourself and then ask for assistance if you are stuck on a particular part, then you might find that people are more willing to help you :)

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