UK At level 4 to aca

Sep 23, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

Currently in British army looking to leave in a few years after 12 years service.I was looking to do Acca however, ACA is more to my liking and I can earn more and go further with it.

My questions 1. I am looking to do Aat levels 2.3&4 before I leave in 3 years time and hopefully, have the certificate level of ACA done too.would employers be willing to take me on if I've done all of this off my own back but have no practial experience

Q2.I am using avado distance learning for the Aatime levels, would anybody recommend a distance learning provider for ACA .

Q3 what's the average pay for a newly qualified Aca accountant in South east England,if any body know or could point me in the direction for me to find out.

Q4. Is this a good time to get into accounting with Brexit and all.

Thanks for reading any help would be great.

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