ATT: Dick Watson



Hi Dick

I believe you covered this one other time but I have not been able to find
the information. I haven't check your FAQ yet, and will do so right after I
post this.

I have finally (after many unsuccessful attempts) exported all the accounts
and imported them. Everything, for the first time, looks good with the
exception of the investment accounts. I am sure I can make adjustments to
the cash contribution accounts to balance them, but I believe there is a way
to convert the newly created Cash contribution account for each investment.
This "cash contribution accounts " are not in the investment portion of the

My files finally got to the point that I could no longer make it work and it
was either finding a way to make the Export/Import feature work or as you
suggested earlier "go back to Quicken".

Anyway any suggestions as to the easiest way to do this would be




Dick Watson

I guess I'm not sure exactly what you are asking. The term "convert"
confuses me.

You've created a new investment account with an associated cash account in
the new file. You have an old file with an investment associated cash
account that has data in it. You want to do an export/import on these

You've imported the accounts, but the investment cash accounts are not
properly associated with their investment accounts?

I've never messed around with QIF and investment cash accounts, so I don't
really know what it's going to do there for the first case. Best bet is to
dink around with a testcase file and see.

For the second case, I don't think an investment cash account is in any way
unique from any other cash account except for the fact that the investment
account associates with it. I think this is setup in the details of the
investment account; something like "cash account details." I'm not sure
whether you can associate a pre-existing disassociated cash account with an
investment account, but you could play around with this in a testcase file
or in the sample file. I can't test this here and now or I could be more


HI Dick

I guess I wasn't very clear on what I was looking for..

I exported all accounts from my original file and then created a new file
and imported all of the accounts. Money keeps all cash transactions
associated with each investment account under a separate tab under the
investment. Example: If you are going to purchase a stock ABC, you first
transfer money into the cash section (contribution) of the investment and
then when you do the actual purchase and deducts the purchase price from the
cash section.

My problem was that when I imported all of the accounts it treated some of
the cash sections of the investment account as a separate bank account.

Anyway I resolved the problem by deleting the newly created (wrong) bank
account. After deleting it, I was then able to transfer the money into the
cash section of the Investment account and everything, finally, at last is
up to date (approximately 15 hours of work), if it doesn't
corrupt on me.

Again thanks for your help





Hi Cal

thanks for the response. After reading your response I knew it was the
answer I was looking for. I now keep a copy of it in case I need it again.

I did however resolve the problem by deleting the created bank account which
was created in error. After deleting those accounts I could then associate
the transfers of Money into the Cash contribution section of the investment.

Now if only it doesn't corrupt on me.



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