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Discussion in 'Accounting' started by NewGrad, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. NewGrad

    NewGrad Guest

    I am an Australian student of Accounting and Finance about to graduate. I
    have been offered a (generous) 2004 scholarship and (relatively well paid -
    about equal to a '3+ years experienced' accountant in public practice) 2005
    graduate role at a central Commonwealth Government department. If I accept
    the offer, I will do a Masters in Finance in 2004 and the CA program from
    2005-2007. If I don't accept, I will do my Honours in Finance in 2004
    instead (Finance is more interesting to me than is Accounting, but I
    appreciate the useful nature of knowledge and experience in the latter). I
    have part-time employment providing funds management advisory services and
    expect to continue in this employment in 2004 (in addition to studying

    My question is to what extent will I limit my future options in the private
    sector if I accept the offer and commit to at least 3 years in the public
    sector? Is public sector experience viewed favourably in business? What if I
    later decide that I'd prefer to work in a profit centre environment (at a
    financial institution, for instance - I am interested in FX, asset pricing,
    funds management and investment banking) or in corporate finance more
    generally - will I be able to smoothly transition and will prospective
    employers appreciate my government experience? In the event of such a future
    move, would I be more likely to be suitable for line rather than staff
    positions, or is this really just a function of the precise nature of my
    experiences in government?

    Any advice/experiences/comments welcome. Thanks in advance.
    NewGrad, Nov 7, 2003
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  2. NewGrad

    Carlyle Guest

    I will discuss this with you offline from this group, so contact me with a
    verifiable email address, not the one you are using here as, what is the
    point speaking to someone who is not at home [] ???

    Peter J French EdD MAcc
    Retired Accountant/Practitioner/Educator
    Carlyle, Nov 9, 2003
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