Automate quickbooks AR--inputing received checks

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Jean Louis John Curutchet

I use QuickBooks pro 2003. In my trade, I receive payments from my
clients either cash or by check. I generally generate only 1 invoice
per client per month.

I process up to 20 checks a day. What I am looking for is the ability
where I can associate a payment by scanning my client check(the bottom
numbers of the check, the area with routing,account and check number
information) and then applying it to the invoice as paid. It would
also be able to read the check number and input that into my a. r. in
QuickBooks. I want to basically automate my a.r. as much as possible.

Is there any add on program that I can use? What kind of cost am I
looking @? Is under $500 a realistic goal?

I don't see credit or banks inputting this info manually so do realize
that there is something out there.



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