Automatically marking downloaded transactions as reconciled



Even though I do not have the option checked to
automatically reconcile downloaded transactions - Money
2004 is doing it anyway. I thought this may have been a
problem from the bank, but I manage two accounts this way
and one is automatically marked as reconciled and the
other is not. Help!



Joe Guidera

Those accounts that support "direct connect" should be working properly.
I.e. downloaded statements appear to be matched. Those accounts that are
using the new Yodlee technology appear to be not working correctly at this
time. Those downloaded statements are automatically entered into your
register with no opportunity for you to match/accept them. Typically these
are downloaded without a payee. There is no know workaround at this time
other than to disable the online access to those accounts. You can then use
the vendors web site to download a QIF or OFX file which works correctly.

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