Avoiding Sales Tax Payable entries



New User QB2005 Pro.

The organization is a non-profit. Thus nearly all our customers are donors,
who are tax exempt. In the customer List I set them all up as Tax Exempt
and Non Taxable. Nevertheless, in the "Sales Tax Payable" account (set up
for gift shop sales) each donor/customer entry produces a zero credit to
"Sales Tax Payable".

It's not a problem I can't live with, but isn't there a way to let QB know
that Exempt and Non-Tax means not to bother reporting it each time?




Leave the tax field blank instead of entering a code.

However, this may result in the transactions not being included in
some reports that are based on tax codes - for example, the
transaction may not be included in Total Sales on a sales tax report.
This may or may not be a problem for you.

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