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Mortimer Schnerd, RN

Quicken for some reason has recently started trying to back up to my DVD player
rather than my CD writer. Normally, when I exit Quicken, it'll prompt me
whether I want to back up my files or not. The backup site would be whatever I
used last... whether on the D (hard) drive, or on my CD writer (my F drive), or
my E (DVD player) drive. I usually back up to my F drive... the CD writer. I
would then expect to see the F drive as the destination the next time I try to
back up Quicken.

For whatever reason it seems to want to use the E drive... which can't write in
any case. I normally use the CD writing wizard to actually burn the CD, if that
makes any difference.

Anybody have any ideas on why it's suddenly become stubborn? I'm using Quicken
2005 Deluxe.




Open the Quicken program
Click on Fi;e
Click on BACKUP
Change the backup location to your CD writer

The next time your prompted, it should be ok

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