Balance sheet ouf of balance


Monica Cohee

We have a problem with one of our companies using PT 2000 - 7.03.
We ran our Balance Sheet for September 03 and it is out of balance.
The balance sheet was fine in August 03 but now it also is out of
balance(its our liabilities) this now goes all the way back to January
of 2002. The trial balance is also off by the same amount and the g/l
summary all the way to
January 2002.

Our senior bookkeeper posted a purchase to May of 2002 by mistake (s/b
May 2003)and paid the bill in June 2003. We thought this may be the
problem but every thing was fine the prior months and went out of
balance when she ran her Balance sheet for September 03 to close out
the month. When we checked August 03 (in balance sheet) - p/l to the
August 03 out of balance sheet - p/l the problem shows up in the dept
she coded it to but our accountant doesn't think this is the problem.

The only other thing we changed for her system is our Suta info, as we
are a 2 state for our payroll and now we are pretax for 401k and
medical insurance. One state allows suta and the other doesn't but I
don't see how that would affect our liabilities etc.

We did contact our accountant as stated above but he had no clue. I
have spent over 8 hours searching on line and google archives trying
to find a solution -needless to say we have no support with Peachtree
and we won't be upgrading.

My thought is to run the integrity checker and go from there. I am
also going to take a backup copy which I will do first and run it on
my computer to see I can find an answer. Our companies are separate

What other suggestions would you have?
I would appreciate any input.


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