USA Ballpark Federal & NY Tax Liability for 2019, Thank You!

Jan 19, 2015
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United States
I used the calculator at to give me a ballpark of my federal & NY income tax Liability for 2019. I attached an image of the results. This was an unusual year.

Would you kind professionals be willing to tell me if this calculator generally reflects an accurate ballpark for New York and federal tax for this amount of self-employment income? I didn't include spousal income, it's essentially W2 with taxes withheld.

Anything major missing that will come as a big surprise? I didn't reflect any business expenses and the like, as I'm just trying to get a ballpark on what will be left after I fully pay Uncle Sam and New York.

Residence is Nassau County, New York State if that makes a difference. I'm renting, so no home.

Thanks so much everyone! Hope everyone will have a nice new year.



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