Bank Audits - 12 years of case histories

Sep 21, 2009
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For the past 12 years we have been auditing business bank accounts on behalf of UK businesses. We collect all the relevant information from the client and we process that information using our own in-house software. The software looks at every single transaction that has gone through that bank account and calculates the errors. Once we have calculated the overall error, which is usually many thousands of pounds, we then approach the Bank in question and amicably negotiate a settlement figure for the client.

We don’t know how many bank accounts are wrong, but in 12 years we have never come across one that was right! Here are a few examples.

PLEASE NOTE: for obvious reasons we cannot disclose too many details on the Internet for security and confidentiality reasons, however please be assured that these are genuine audits completed by our auditors and successfully concluded with the bank in question.

Case Study 1.
Property Company
Audit period: Sept 2001 - September 2007
Overcharge £10,845.42
Bankers – A well known High Street Bank

Case Study 2.
Car dealership
Audit period: March 2000 - March 2002 (please note this is a very short audit period)
Overcharge £32,390.73
Bankers - A well known High Street Bank

Case Study 3.
Nationwide Fashion Retailer
Audit period: September 1998 - March 2001
Overcharge £55,348.99
Bankers - Non UK Bank

Case Study 4.
IT Company
Audit period: December 1997 - September 2002
Overcharge £14,824.62
Bankers - A well known High Street Bank

We pay generous commissions to introducers so feel free to email us - info at bluestoneaudits dot com


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