USA Bank K1 investment, what is it called?

Feb 21, 2023
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United States
There is a bank real estate contract where the bank buys land or a house with a person and they require that insurance determines if the house and or land was used for gain. The bank pays a present of the house and relies the ownership of the house to if you meat the requeiments of the contect and so they pay for a part of the house, regardless if the house or land will be sold in the future or keep for personal gain.

There is also a act of that within Business and Cooperation; when a person proves they have full capital (life and creation) [life being to care for themselves well the business and or cooperation is in development or gain] {creation being to care for the gain and have the gain a productivity in the future.} The person uses the capital... And spends the industrial socialization to build the Business and Cooperation implementing the professionalism of the endeavor. The Bank agrees to pay a percent of the endeavor and becomes contractual ownership of a present of the implantation for civil or criminal and does not release ownership without insurances approval that you have made the land or home better regardless if the Business and Cooperation will be sold in the future or keep for personal gain.

They then bank with the court and the treasury on the side of the beach as the presenters to a judge about the ownership of existence of the production of the gain.

And example is… say I have $268,986.78 that is 2 tents of a million dollars, a million dollars being $100,000 tenths equals $1,000,000.00 or $900,000.00 is tenth of $100,000.00.

And so you make full business to the scale of Economic and the bank invest the full Economic,

Manning you buy land, you build the Economic investment, upon upstruction you produce the insurance quota, if the quota is meat they sine over the present invested and its capital gain or agreed at and its capital gain and you walk away with the money, the business and cooperation as with all clients and sale, they walk away with the written of gain captialzation, and studies peformed by the business and cooperation. And a new study’s can take place and a copy of the old study and court case is produced from the bank production of investment capital to the law and order.


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