Bank of America Bill Pay


John Simon

I recently setup MS Money 2006 with my accounts at Bank of America (All
except CA, WA, & ID). I am able to use direct download from within Money and
it downloaded all my Payees from BofA.

However, I have a stupid problem now...

In Money, I have all my Bills set up with their due dates, etc. When I need
to make a payment, I login to BofA on the BofA website, and schedule a bill
payment via Bill Pay. Then in Money, I go to the Bills Summary page and
enter the payment.

When I update my BofA account after that, it automatically downloads the
Bill Pay payment that I scheduled on the BofA website (with the envelope and
lightning bolt icon next to it). And if I mouse over the icon, it gives me
information about the payment.

But it never syncs this payment with the one I entered in Money and so now I
have two payments showing up in Money.

Does anyone know the right way to set up payments with BofA and Money?



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