Bank One merger to Chase



I have online billpay through my bank, formerly Bank One, now JP Morgan Chase
and loved that I could schedule the payments in MS Money and upload to my
bank. Since the finalization of the bank merger around the end of March
Money has not been able to connect to my account and in fact when trying to
resolve it ended up canceling the feature (online banking) within Money for
my Chase accounts. In trying to fix the problem I went so far as to add a
new 'dummy' JP Morgan Chase Checking account in Money. When trying to
connect to the bank's website during this online setup I get this message
"Verify that your user name and password are correct, then try again". It is
correct, so I am back to scheduling payments online with my bank and
downloading. Since this all started I get this message each time I open
Money "There may have been problems processing your online transactions.
Click Update Now before sending transactions again or you may cause duplicate
transactions. Contact your financial institution to confirm your online
transactions have been processed." When I checked with my bank they said it
was a MS Money problem.
I am using Money 2002 Standard edition

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Paul Shapiro

Chase sent out some info before the merger with instructions for enabling
the new online access. If I remember it's via the Customer Service part of
their web site, but I'm not sure. It's been working with Money 2004 so maybe
you should check with Chase's online banking customer support. They've been
helpful when I've had problems.


Thanks Paul for your response. I did send them an email with the problem and
they said it was a Microsoft issue and gave me their support phone number. I
called it and the 'voice' said it would be a 30 minute wait.

I just went online at Chase and see there is an MS Money activation link. I
don't recall anything about this before, but I probably just assumed life
would go on seamlessly as they would lead you to believe.

Thanks again.



Michael Gordon, MVP

Coming in on this thread late, but I've not had any problem using Bill Pay
since ONE became Chase. Didn't have to do anything at all.

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