Bank Rec. Fix


Lila Godel

Yesterday my Dad found a beginning balance item listed as an other item
along with an unreconciled difference on a bank rec. report. The bank rec
screen showed a zero difference. In case it may help others here are the
steps to fix the problem.

1. Access the beginning balance screen for the appropriate period.
2. Copy the balance to the clipboard.
3. Change it to another number and OK out, ignoring the out of balance
This triggers a save.
4. Access the beginning balance screen for the appropriate period.
5. Paste the old balance in and OK out.
This triggers a save.

I am not sure what you would do you had an uncleared beginning balance in
a year not selectable in the beginning balance dialog of Maintain | Chart of
Accounts. I believe the only beginning balances you can access are those
for the year just prior to the 1st open one.


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